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Cultural analysis Barney’s New York to China will be a success, since it will fit the Chinese culture really well. Chinese people love the brand that comes from out of China. In their culture, they love luxuries. People who buy a lot of luxury merchandise are usually the higher social level. It makes you look better when you are wearing a brand that is from out of China. The population in China 1344 million, and Shanghai is the one of the city that has over 1 million population. There are 16.60% off people are around age 0 to age 14. And 72.1% of people are around age 15 to 64 year old. There are 52% males and 48% females. The literacy rate are people who over age 15 can read and write. Their predominantly religious are Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Ethnic minority religious and Ancestral worship. There are 3%-4% are Christianity and 1.5% Islam. The languages they speak are Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghaies, Min (Minnan, Mindong, others), Xiang, Gan, Hakka, various Mandarin dialects and Patuá. A lot of them also speak English.
* Average per capita disposable income by quintile: Y 9,061 [U.S.$1,398] * first quintile: Y 3,285 * second quintile: Y 5,377 * third quintile: Y 7,279 * fourth quintile: Y 9,763 * fifth quintile: Y 17,431
Quality of working life: * Average workweek: 40 hours (1998) * Annual rate per 100,000 workers for: (1997) * injury or accident: 0.7 * industrial illness: 36 * death: 1.4 * Death toll from work accidents: 127,000 (2005) * Funds for pensions and social welfare relief: Y 26,668,000,000 (2001)
Access to services * Percentage of population having access to electricity (2000): 98.6%Percentage of total population with safe public water supply (2002): 83.6% (urban, rural: 94.0%, 73.0%)…