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Q: Who does Steinbeck explore the theme of loneliness in the novel?
‘Of mice and men’ presents a range of different themes; the main theme that is portrayed throughout the novel is the theme of loneliness. The novel is set and taken place in the time of the 1929s. Throughout that time unemployment was very high and men of different places had to keep moving around to different places to look for work this meant that they weren’t to be in one place for a long period to form any types of relationships with others throughout these times men were wary and curious and were generally taught not to trust each other, therefore it was a lonely experience.
In the novel the first part to clearly convey loneliness is “a few miles south of Soledad” in Spanish the meaning to that is loneliness. Steinbeck lays out the ranch to be isolated. Through personal experience Steinbeck uses the technique of anecdote as past experience from being a ranch worker to show the feelings and emotions of the men. Steinbeck explores more into the theme of loneliness through characterisation; in order to get his message across to the reader he uses ageism, racism and sexism.
A character from the novel that clearly portrays the theme of loneliness is Curley’s wife. This is shown as she is the only woman on the ranch and is unable to work because of her gender. She tends to come across flirtatious towards the other ranch workers but she is like that as she is unhappy with her marriage that she further explains throughout the novel. George and Lennie are two migrant workers that dream of having their own ranch one day, this is them associated with the American Dream.
Through the novel Curley and his wife are never together but tend to always be looking for each other. As of being lonely she constantly tries to talk to George and Lennie. To suggest the case of Curley’s wife being lonely was that she was referred to only as ‘Curley’s wife’ and her name was always anonymous.
The ranch workers see Curley’s wife as a “tart” without consideration taken to why she is not responsible for her actions is because she is a lonely woman full of much insecurities.
In the novel Steinbeck also uses Candy as a character to convey the theme of loneliness. This is shown by when Candy is upset and lonely after his old dog is shot.
Steinbeck uses the…