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Why do you want to participate in the MMPA Program? What are your career plans and objectives upon completion of the MMPA?

Actually, I believe, you should figure out your long-term goal or dreams first. In other words, show them your ambition, let them know you want to and would have a brilliant future. This just need one, two, or three sentences. Think about it!
I think in essay question 2, the university said that they want to educate current or future managers. This would be helpful when you decide your goals.

Next, you should briefly review your college study such as “During my undergraduate study, I have learned XXX, and XXX, and ranking XX. Just briefly show your advantages gotten from university”.
Then, explain why you join ABC, you should relate the reason with your dream or long-term goal.
I joined the Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) after graduation because I knew that as one of the major leading integrated financial service providers in China, it would offer me expansive career opportunities and a deep understand broad picture of the banking industry. After the my first year job rotation in Sales Department, Operation Management Department and Accounting Department, I found myself really interested in the accounting which I realized not only function when I realized that accounting is more than just reportsting the money from a businesses, but also reflects and handles , so I chose to join the Accounting Department for further touches every aspect of businesses. a business and all businesses fall back on accounting as a common ground, soTherefore, I chose to join the Accounting Department for further development. My experiences at the Accounting Department as assistant accountant during the following 2 years provided me with basic techniques in corporate account analysis and evaluation, outstanding abilitiesskills in cross department communication and cooperation, an profound understanding of corporate financial structure, and a practical knowledge of China domestic financial market.
However, while I have had the hands-on experiences in the real world, I have reached a plateauI have reached a plateau in, and I found that I need to develop developing the smore solid analytical knowledgeskills and to sound theoretical knowledge in accounting to solve more complicate problems and pursue higher position in career. since I do not have a sound theoretical knowledge base in the field of accountingand management skills that are indispensibleindispensable in the accounting profession. Moreover, whenAs I interacting with other functional departments within mythe corporation, I also recognize the need of a professional accountant to acquire a thorough understanding of the broad business context in order to better contribute better in a collaborative environment. . AndWhat’s moreIn a nutshell, my desire to be an excellent manager in management accounting and to gain a broader understanding of the increasingly interdependent global economy remains cannot be unsatisfied by my current knowledge and skills. at the Agricultural Bank of China. Here, you need more details to explain your desire or incentives to make them more appealing.
On hearing about your distinguished MMPA program, I couldn’t help but notice that a perfect match exists between your requirements and my experience. I believe a the well-structured curriculum offered by your program covering professional accounting knowledge and business management expertise to complement my real-world experiences, and your program will definitely enable me to advance into becoming a more sophisticated professional accountant. Besides focusing on technical knowledge and application skills, the program’s unique co-operative training with its internship experiences in Canada’s most prestigious accounting firms is also appealing and , will help me us to return to the workforce as quickly as possible. Moreover, the opportunity to