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Frederick T. Suarez
Professor Venn
ENC 0025
April 1, 2013 Rough draft Aquariums are beautiful owning one brings a piece of the ocean, lakes, or rivers to your home. Fresh or saltwater aquariums can be made creatively, imaginatively, and beautifully; also, they bring natural elements and colors to your home. Choosing a fresh or saltwater aquarium can be difficult because you have to think about the cost, maintenance, and commitment it takes in owning one. However, owning an aquarium can be very beneficial to your home it can bring a sense of peace, modernization, and beauty to the emptiest part of your home. Fresh and salt water aquariums are amazingly beautiful, but it can be difficult to choose between a fresh and a saltwater aquarium. Freshwater aquariums are objectively simple to maintain and clean. To keep fish healthy frequently check for water clarity; look for debris or algae that could be growing because of over lighting or feeding. Also, freshwater fish enjoy temperatures between 72° to 76° degrees going over or lesser can stress the fish and hurt the fish’s health. Water changes are important because it is essential to keep the water sparkling, vibrant, and healthy although filters are very important to keep clean they tend to get dirty very quickly after it removes harmful bacteria from your habitat that bacteria builds up and cycles back into the water. However, what needs to be in consideration is your level of commitment without it your tank will mimic your level, and your fish will suffer the consequences. If you are thinking about investing on a freshwater aquarium there is no size requirement, and since there is no minimum requirement that means you are free to start simple yet have a steady budget. Still, choosing a freshwater aquarium is a big decision because you have to keep in mind of the maintenance cleaning and commitment, but if you can keep up with all of it you can have a successful freshwater aquarium that looks great and makes your home feel modernize.
On the other hand saltwater aquariums are magnificently beautiful,