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“Life is beautiful” portrays self-sacrifice and how an individual at any cost is willing to sacrifice everything for their very own family. Roberto Benigni put together audacious ideas that were fraught compelling circumstances and made individuals attempt to preserve anything that is far more valuable than their own lives. This story takes place in World War 2 during the Jewish holocaust about a man named Gudio, his wife Dora, and son Joshua and the brutal sacrifices he had to make to keep his family safe. He showed that self-sacrifice has no limitations whatsoever and the love of a family is what keeps them going.
Guido Orefice is a young Jewish man who is leaving his old life and going to the city where his uncle lives for work. Guido is comical and sharp, making the best from each situation he encounters. From the start he literally falls in love with Dora. Later he sees her again in the city where she is a teacher. Dora is set to be engaged to a rich but arrogant man. He is a local government official with whom Guido has run-ins from the beginning. Guido is enamoured of Dora and performs many stunts in order to see her. Guido sets up many "coincidental" incidents to show his interest. Finally Dora sees Guido's affection and promise and gives in against her head. He steals her from her engagement party on a horse, humiliating her fiancé and mother. Soon they are married and have a son, Joshua. One of the scenes in the movie shows Gudio and his son, Joshua, are being sent off to the concentration camp and he extenuating to his son that the camp is a place to have fun and play games. He keeps telling him this because he wants to show fortitude and protect his son and family from the deleterious acts of human nature.
Dora, who is the wife of Guido, and the mother of Joshua shows in another scene that she is not pretentious and proves the love she has for her loved ones. Dora came out of nowhere and told the soldiers that she wanted to go with Joshua and Guido, even though she did not have to because she had a very rich background but she still insisted and that showed how much love she had for her family. Dora was very aware of the consequences that might occur if she had got aboard the train but in her eyes those consequences did not matter. Even after the officer told her to go home it was inevitable and she was not leaving even knowing that going to where her family is will result in chaos. This shows the strong relationship she has with Guido and Joshua and didn’t hesitate once to turn around.
Despite being surrounded by the misery, sickness, and death at the camp, Joshua does not question this fiction because of his father's