ESSAYLosing Essential Itemsdue To My Experience

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Losing essential items: due to my experience of losing my cac id ; I’m aware that there are penalties for losing it such as counseling and recommendation for ucmj which touches fourteen to forty-five days of extra duty ,between any level. the important factor of what I learned is that everything that is of inspection has it level of importance such as driver’s licence ,social, dog tags, military licence and cac id. etc. losing one of these essentials is like losing part of yourself. and can harm you by manipulating the system by somebody using one of these to falsify details about you or even go as high to give you a bad credit or to jail. most inspected items or all should be kept sealed from damage from weather , and be with you at all times. leather wallets are good to keep dry , sealed ziploc for paper essentials. And never kept out of sight or even leave without it. one mistake can haunt you for eternity.

Disrespecting an NCO ; the best way to discredit hard work and lower one’s own credibility. it was not an honest mistake that i have done this and the way I treated the situation was not professionally performed which led me to more trouble than i had already committed , no excuse is given to any stress of the matter. As a soldier and pfc i should have given the notion of authority no matter if it was wrong or right.. my poor attitude was my weakness and can still be my weakness. If i don't change and I’m aware that i need to have resilience and how to be assertive with a situation when presented to me. to disrespect an NCO is to disrespect a leader and the Army itself and there is no tolerance to be accepted when such behavior occurs. each NCO is a