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Food Diary Project

In the five days that I recorded what I ate, I think I did pretty decent because I kept good amount of proportions, I ate fast food once in a while, and I tried to stay away from unhealthy foods. I kept my calories down, I had almost no amount of Trans fat in any of my foods, but I did consume a quite a bit of fat on the first few days, but I think overall I eat a good, healthy amount of food every day.
Now let’s start with calories. My amount the calories per day was average except for the first day when I went way off the charts, but on all the other days I had a reasonable amount of calories per day. If I kept eating like this for a week period, I would weigh one hundred thirty five point six. I would still be healthy. The reason my calories were so high up on that day is because I had Taco bell. With a little adjustment to my daily routine of dieting I would be healthy and in good shape.
Next, let’s talk about average percentage of diet that comes from protein, fat, and carbohydrates versus the recommended amount. The amount of protein a teenager needs is between 35 and 55 and I was just about in the middle. So my protein level is average. The amount of fat I had was way over recommended on the first few days but then I started to lay off on fast-food which was manly where all the fat comes from on the first few days. I did very well in keeping my carbohydrates under control. The average number of carbohydrates recommended is about one hundred to two hundred grams and I was at about one hundred and eighty and highest, so I did pretty well on that.
Some specific things that I have too much of is fast food. I had fast-food for two days straight. Now I know not to eat a