Essays: Colonialism and Yami Tribe Stop

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One of the key pillars of the Dutch colonial era was conversion of the natives to Christianity. From the descriptions of the early missionaries, the native religion was [[animism|animist]] in nature, in one case presided over by priestesses called ''Inibs''. The Christian Bible was translated into native aboriginal languages and evangelised among the tribes. This marks the first recorded instance of Christianity entering into Taiwanese history.
What they lost and why : Within ten years the concrete buildings began to crumble. The beautiful, traditional boating thus disappeared. The traditional celebration of the completion of a new boat was also lost in the process. The Yami's proud culture has thus been extensively wiped out by the intense efforts to impose Chinese culture. How Yami tribe stop fishing: The workers on the nuclear waste sites even permit the dumping of radioactive earth and water into nearby seas, seriously polluting the water in which the Yami tribes do their fishing. This has caused an increase in the number of cancer-related deaths and children with learning disabilities. According to Environmental / Aborigine report “Today there are over 50 children, who have been born with birth defects. It is very possible that the effects of nuclear waste are the cause of these cases.”

The flying fish is considered the single most important food available on the island. It is only hunted during certain months. While the flying fish hunt is on, no man may enter