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Australia is one of the lucky developed countries, with its excellent medical research, low rate poverty, advanced education and a good climate. Places like Afghanistan who are the fifth least developed country in the world are not as lucky.
They have been put in this position because of the amount of poverty in their country; they are estimated to have only US$964 for their country. In Afghanistan around 6.6 million Afghans do not meet their minimum food requirements. Compared to Australia who has approximately $1.5 trillion which makes Australia the 5th highest income earner in the world at $65,000.
Afghanistan’s education is no better because of the 25 years of armed conflict no one really paid much attention to the education . The literacy rate for adults over the age of 15 falling from 28.7% in 2003 to 23.5% in 2005. Afghan women in particular have no education at all, because in their beliefs women are to be locked in the house and are pretty much like a slave.
Women are also deemed far behind men in everything such as health services and employment, but in Australia we are lucky because we all have rights and women are just as important as men and they have all the opportunities that men have.
Also Australia has been lucky that they haven’t been in any recent wars that have affected them , because one of the main reasons Afghanistan is an undeveloped country is because it has went through so many things that have affected their country such as war and the Taliban and this brought the country into deep depression and money wasn’t the main issue then or even today because there are still wars going on this minute.
Also if you think about it if the country has been in war for this long there wouldn’t be clean water supplies and there would be very bad atmosphere which would mean there are many diseases there and they would spread very quickly and it could infect anyone. In Afghanistan diseases are everywhere and they don’t have the medication that we have here in Australia. We are very lucky in Australia because we have very clean water supplies and our atmosphere is a lot cleaner. Also in Australia diseases don’t spread as quickly and usually when a disease spreads in Australia we have the facilities and medical teams to stop the disease in its tracks.
In Afghanistan there is also not many jobs up for grabs, Afghanistan’s unemployment rate sits at 35% while Australia’s unemployment rate is at a low 5.7%. Also in Afghanistan it is a shorter life expectancy, the average is 44 years old while here in Australia the average is 81, so you live about 37 years longer here, this is due to the better atmosphere and better food that we have supplied for us here in Australia also here in Australia not many people fall into deep depression but in Afghanistan almost a quarter of people are in depression or are taking their lives.
People living in Afghanistan make 97.94% less money than we do here in Australia. You also have a 95% less chance of getting HIV/AIDS here in Australia. In Afghanistan because of the hot weather and lots of poverty around 6 to 8 people can live in one room, so diseases will spread.
Afghanistan doesn’t have much tourism like Australia does, mostly because it is a very unsafe country and it really doesn’t have tourist attractions like Australia.
Australia has many things to see like the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House, Uluru and many more. Also Australia makes a lot of money from tourism, Australia makes approximately $89 billion on tourism alone.
As I said before the main reason of being undeveloped is illiteracy, lack of knowledge. Because many Afghans, the citizens of Afghanistan, even more than 50% are illiterate which means that they are not capable…