Essays: Ethics and Africa / Middle Eastern Region

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| Business Ethics Across Cultures | University of Phoenix | | Kimberly Robinson | 12/2/2012 |

Every country has ethics in place whether they are personal, professional or religious. But, the way we believe and implement those beliefs varies based on where we reside. This paper will touch on the beliefs that I feel are mine as well as those for the United States, but i will also discuss China and the Africa/Middle Eastern Region for comparison purposes. |

Although the world is made up of several countries and we all have a relationship with one another in some shape form or fashion the ones that stick out the most due to the media exposure is China and the Africa/Middle Eastern Region. The United States is known for executing a lot of trades, negotiations and peace treaties with these countries. Though we have not always been allies we always find a way to make the best of the situation. The United States ethics seem to be founded on the Constitution that was set up by our forefathers. The one that I see being utilized more often is the freedom of speech. No one thinks the same way and we all react differently to the same situations that we face. What the USA provides that other countries do not from what i can see is the ability to say what one wants without “heavy” penalties being involved. The USA also allows a person to practice whatever religion or belief of choice that they choose without punishment unless it is causing harm to others. Other countries beliefs are so strong that if you do not follow what is believed to be the “law of the state” there can be punishments resulting in jail, death, etc.
China, is much like the United States of America when it comes to being open ethical ideas and beliefs. China is what one might call a “neutral” party when most of the other countires are not agreeing with one another. China does a lot of trading as well as manufacturing for other foreign countries so they have to be willing to be open from a ethical standpoint especially from a business standpoint. China is similar to the United States because they are willing to fight to get rid of corrupt practices in their country. They do not want to feel as if they are being taken advantage of or that their opinions and beliefs are being ignored. China is what one would consider to be a powerhouse they have so many things that are in development that will eventually be utilized worldwide. Ultimately, whatever ethical practices surround their projects and business ventures will end up being adapted by those regions of the world that are utilizing what they have to offer. This is an interesting fact, one’s ideas and beliefs are a combination of factors due to personal and business related influences whether they realize it or not. In reading about China and hearing about them on the news one never realized how relevant they really were to the existence of other countries until it came time to research articles related to the country and their ethical beliefs. It is not shocking to find out that China faces a lot of hypocrisy in their country and although another company may come in a attempt to enforce their ethical views, the Chinese will agree and then do what they please. When working with another country on any sort of deal it is important to let them enforce their own ethics to make sure that things are properly being handled.
The Africa/Middle Eastern region is more vast there are several smaller regions that make up the entire area. There are the Arab-speaking regions, French-speaking regions and the English speaking regions. Depending on how large the company doing business is in any of these regions determines how large the investment(s) will ultimately be and whether or not they can dominate the area of business they are actively involved in. Although the African and Middle Eastern region operate differently from an ethical standpoint where they seem to have the most similarity at is