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Marisel Farias
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Essay #3: The Detroit Difference
There are many reasons to why Detroit is becoming a fallen city. But that doesn’t mean that young people can’t be motivated to helping this city rise back to its top. Not only will it make them feel good but it will make the city better for its community and everyone around it feel good as well. The hard part is not even finding something to do, but the people to do it.
The feeling of giving is far more rewarding than any other thing. So whenever anyone helps make Detroit a better place for others, they will feel better about themselves and want to do more. Helping revitalize Detroit will not only be good for the community but it will also put Michigan back on the back, as to attract more investors. Also save its reputation. They can clear away the slums and increase security so that crimes will decrease. Getting rid of a bad atmosphere and changing it to become a pleasant welcoming one can also help change the bad lifestyles of the people around Detroit that are what has made it become so rural. Young people also have new and different ideas that older people haven’t tried in the past, that might be the solution to fixing up Detroit.
When someone shows true motivation towards something they can accomplish it. So if young people were motivated to revitalizing Detroit they could do it, they could restore it to how glorious it once was. Just like domino effect, if one gives and gets the rewarding…