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Kolby Melius-Clarke
Movie Book Report: Some Like It Hot
May 24, 2013

The title of Billy Wilder’s movie is named Some like It Hot. This movie is a good movie because it won an Oscar for best-costume design, Black-and-White by Orry-Kelly. They were also nominated for the best actor in leading role, best art direction-set, best cinematography, best director, and lastly best writing of the film (screenplay based on material from another medium). They have also won a Grammy award in 1959 for best sound track album, original cast-motion picture or television. In the movie, the director uses many different types of music, costumes, emotions, and make-up. In this paragraph I am going to use the music as an example. The music is a big part in the movie to me because it transactions the type of music in every scene. The music would describe it. First a scene would play and it would play fast jazz because the girls’ band may be performing a song explaining the type of music that is playing in the background. Another example of music is in the background, is when the piano plays slow and calm music. The piano to me is like a slow instrument and low. The drums are however louder instruments and much faster to play rather than playing the piano.
Next, another big part of, Some like It Hot, is the emotions of the characters. I say this because in the movie every character always has a different facial expression or emotion according to the music playing in the background of the