Essays: House and Housing Assistance Payments

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Low-Income Families Why are families living in bad conditions? My family and I are staying in an apartment that is not as nice as any other homes. Why is that? So families that do not have that much money can afford apartments that’s torn-down. That is not right. Families that have low-income deserve a better home. The apartments we can afford have no heater, air conditioner, stove or ovens are not working correctly (only one burner works). Also, while living in a duplex, next door neighbor toilets stop up and then are toilets and showers begin to stop up. Families who have low-income are living in bad conditions so as a community we should come together to write letters to the government. My family and I was always living with other family members because apartments and houses are so expensive! As for my family making ten-thousand dollars a year, can’t afford nicer apartments. My family would always stay with a close relative. My dad decided that we stay with his sister because we were low on money. When we got to his sisters’ house she did not have that much room, so we ended up staying in the garage. We stayed in the garage for almost about a year. Then, we found the cheapest place that we can afford and the apartment needed some fix-up. The apartment was so raggedy, the doors’ nails were not in tightly (doors coming off as I open them), windows didn’t have any screens and then next door neighbor would use all the hot water and then we would have cold water. It was ridiculous what my family and I had to go through living in these homes. At least we had a roof under our heads. I have a cousin who was put on session eight housing and she was on the list for about two years. She finally got into her place. It’s harsh to see what low-income families have to go through. While she was waiting on the long list she was living with her mom. Also she was living with her mom and her 3 kids and then she had to pay rent. She had to buy food for her kids and necessities and she could’ve been saving money on important things. So when my cousin, had settled down in the house and she notice that the place didn’t have a heater. She has 3 kids which the ages are1, 5, and 10 years old. My cousins’ kids start getting sick. The house was so cold; it was cold as if all the windows were open. It’s pathetic that the government doesn’t provide heaters and he’s paying some of the rent. The government should at least put some advantages, such as a heater in these homes that families could cherish and use while they are staying there. Low income Shelter is one of the necessities of life, much like food and water. The government subsidizes food and water to great extent to keep prices low, so that few people in this society cannot afford them (though food banks and food stamps are still essential charitable services). Shelter is different, in that it is generally not subsidized for affordability. Some cities have such high costs of real estate that many citizens cannot afford to live within the city limits. For these individuals, governments frequently make low income housing available but no valuable things when we move inside the place with no air conditioner or all the