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Just getting started By Justin Bieber

Dear Justin, I enjoyed your book a lot. I like your book because you’re my idol and I really like your music. I also liked your book because it tells what you went through as a kid and how your whole career started. Some of which I kind of already knew about but I wanted to get the extra details and your book gave them to me. One of my favorite parts was when you were in Memphis, Tennessee. Ryan and Chaz came from Canada to visit you and they went outside to skate board but you couldn’t because there was such a big crowd around your hotel that the police were even threatening to arrest you if you even tried to go outside. The crowd was so big that the cops could not handle that many kids. So you had to stay inside until your concert was about to start. But Scooter had a plan. He went outside and talked to the crowed and asked them if they wanted to see you be normal and have fun. So the crowed agreed and watched Justin skateboard and be a normal kid. Afterwards Justin took a big group shot with everyone and took groups in by 10. I really liked this part because It shows how much us “Beliebers” really truly love you for who you are and that you aren’t just some teenage pop star, your just like one of us. Another one of my favorite parts of your book was when you went to Liverpool, England and went to visit the Liverpool children’s hospital and visited without the kids knowing and took pictures and also gave them a toy to play with. I really liked this part of the book because it shows you care about other