Essays: Khaled Hosseini and External Influences

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External influences are the most significant factors in shaping changing self.
Does this statement reflect your understanding of the text you have studied?

Internal and external influence both have significant effects on shaping the changes in self of characters, however in particular, external influences have a much stronger effect, and it is mainly external factors which result in shaping changing self in a character. Two texts that show significant external influences are the novel Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini and the film Not Without My Daughter. Both texts incorporate a variety of external influences, which lead to a change in self in particular characters.

Throughout the novel Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, the characters Amir and Baba face dramatic changes from the beginning of the text until the end, and it is safe to say that the vast majority of these changes occur from different external influences. One major external influence that results in a significant change in self in the character Amir is when Amir witnesses the rape of his best friend Hassan and does not help him towards the beginning of the text. After the witnessing of this terrible event, Amir faces a drastic change and becomes very cowardly towards Hassan and is no longer able to be the same person around him. This is evident when Amir lies to Baba telling him that Hassan stole his watch that he received as a birthday present in order for Hassan and Ali to be fired by Baba so Amir does not have to face Hassan. However after Baba approaches Hassan he does not deny that he stole the watch, as he is so loyal to Amir and took the blame. “I flinched, like I’d been slapped. My heart sand and I almost