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Education Does Not Make One Better Education does not make intelligence. What is education? Education can be high school education, certain levels of college education, and life education; these are places that require particular knowledge or skills, for a profession. In many different aspects of life education, such as society, is not beneficial to your knowledge. Educational experiences through your daily life will not make young adolescents better through the exposure to television, the influence of music that is listened to, and trends on social networks.
First and foremost, educational experience through the exposure of television does not make adolescents better. When young children from the ages of two to seventeen, are exposed to inappropriate activity shown on TV shows they are bound to do what they are watching because of the simple fact that it catches their eyes. On June 9, 2011, a TV show called Skins released its first series on MTV. This show was typically for people over the age of 17. Skins was about a setting of teenagers in high school that lived life freely. These teenagers smoked marijuana, drank alcohol, and did hardcore drugs. Being that this TV show was primarily for the ages of people 17 and over, this is not just educating the use of drugs, alcohol, and bad behavior to the appropriate age limit, but to younger adolescence and even more so younger children and toddlers. When a young adolescent or child from the age of two to thirteen views this type of behavior they are believing it is okay to do because they are watching it happen. Television is not an appropriate form of education. Education through the influence of music will not make young adolescents better due to the influence of music. When we are exposed to music using profanity: talking about body parts in an inappropriate manner, and talking about a more general lifestyle like selling drugs, doing drugs, getting arrested for committing a crime or felony; it is corrupting another’s minds and way of thinking. The ones that listen to this music or hear this music are influenced by the ones who create it: titled as rappers. The genre that this music falls under is called Rap. Adults and, especially, teenagers that buy and download this music, influence others around them just by listening to rap music. A peer or co-worker could ask someone what music they are listening to and when they hear it they might like it. Their show of interest leads them to start condoning the music. Rap music spreads from one person to another, like a virus. Young boys these days look up to these artists that create this music. They claim them as their role models. For instance, Lil Wayne, a rapper that talks about smoking pot and getting high, having sexual relations with an uncountable amount of women, getting arrested for possession of drugs and illegal weapons. Sooner or later people start to talk like this, and it changes the way we…