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“A little more of Bowling for Columbine”

Bowling for columbine, accomplish all the requirements of a documentary. If it isn’t a documentary, I just can’t imagine other category for it.

If Michael Moore hasn’t done the documentary ”bowling for columbine”, someone else would eventually have. Moore maybe doesn’t use the most ethic methods, but he certainly provides the real information, to make us realize what is the big problem. Michael explain us in a serious, funny and scary way the American obsession with guns, and the results of itself. “Bowling for Columbine” looks for answers to the violent behavior of most Americans, ”availability of guns? Air paranoia? The NRA? Our violent legacy ? Devil-worshipping rick music ? Violence on TV ? The second Amendment? Prejudice? Poverty? The militaristic state? All the above?”(Williams, 4) . Moore looks into these questions, interrogating real people in these social subjects, respecting the documentary standards. Documentaries try to persuade and educate. The humor, and the questionable changes on the script help to make it more persuasive, and that is perfectly fine. Moore presents actual facts, and gets to the point. The failures of his partners in the media, to dismiss his efforts to present this documentary, as well finish with the accomplishment that this film is everything a documentary should be. Bowling for Columbine, uses interviews with different people. This introduces us to the thinking of those, exposed directly to the problems created by the violent behaviors. The also present the effect in the people surrounding them. Moore present actual facts, when for example, interviewing Marilyn Manson, he exposed how the media targeted his angry rock music, blaming him for a lot of the disasters that have occur. Interviews with Dick Clark, South Park creator Matt Stone, James Nichols (brother of Oklahoma City bomber Terry Nichols), show the same problems with society respect to different attitudes. The interviews were filmed at the location and using persons rather tan actors to illustrate his point, and illustrate the problem in his documentary.
Moore, also use strict data information about the number of death that have been produced by the American tendency to violence. He compares the world death data, and presents us an idea, of what is really going on around us.

The principal object of a documentary is getting to the point, demonstrate, educate, and provide insight into the world in witch we live. Moore, probably doesn’t always use the more orthodoxies methods to explain what he wants, but he present the issues that disturb society better than any other reporter or director. He gets deep into the emotions of people. People need his passion and class-consciousness, to understand what is really happening our there. His documentary captures a very real issue, the violence in our society, especially on America, showing its social results in everyday life. Bowling for Columbine has power in its scenes and music. When Moore use the song “what a wonderful world”, presenting

Images of the biggest atrocities committed around the world, he make sure, this images will stays in our memory, long after watching the video.
This documentary, show how Americans are fascinated by guns, and it gets to the point to make us rethink our own views, about everything we have ever listened or learned by the media.

The bias in the critics of this piece of documentary, bring to mind a sort of resentment by the writers of this opinions. Ridiculous opinions by many reporters bring down the opposition presented to Moore. “He has