Essays: Nicholas Ii of Russia and early Defeats

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Explain the role of the First World War in the decline and fall of the Romanov Dynasty
The First World War played a major role in the decline and fall of the Romanov Dynasty. Russia’s fall of the economy during World War one had proven detrimental to the autocratic system as it revolved Russia’s ineffectiveness in the dealing with their economy. Whilst the fall of the economy was the most pivotal factor, the Duma’s creation of an alternative government during the revolution was another catalyst that pushed Nicholas to abdicate the throne. In addition, the early defeats of Russia further stirred the revolutionary spirit. To a lesser extent the lack of support from the Russian military and Cossacks led to a muting and Nicholas as an unworthy Tsar.
The most crucial cause of the decline of the Romanov dynasty due to the First World War was the collapse of the economy. The fall of the economy worsened the support of the population of Russia to the Tsar; many despised the Tsar and saw he was not fit for being the Tsar. The fall began because of the entry of Turkey in the war with the Triple Alliance, this was fatal for Russia because it closed trade routes to and from Russia, and Russia was now separated from their powerful allies. Russia was not able to export and import and by 1916, 90% of its pre-war exports and imports were lost. The currency began to crumble and the currency was not worth much, civilians were not able to afford food and provide for families. Food was not able to reach civilians or soldiers due to the fact that the trains were not functional due to lack of fuel and coal that were imported. Because of food shortages, many workers began unemployed and with the firing of many riots and strikes were formed. 15.5 million People were conscripted which made factories close down and workers to have no job. With the shortages, many people were unhappy and started to protest which then turned into a revolution. According to Revisionist Historian Fitzpatrick says that the war both exposed and increased the vulnerability of Russia’s old regime. Due to the economy of Russia falling led the downfall of the Romanov reign.
Another influential factor that led to the fall of the Romanov control was the Duma’s creation of a provisional government during the revolution. Due to the War occurring Nicholas journeyed to the Front to become Commander-in-chief and left Alexandra in charge, but Alexandra was under the influence of Rasputin. During that time Alexandra sacked ministers that Rasputin did not favour and replace them men that she and Rasputin favoured. This made the problem worse because the Duma was not happy with what was occurring within their own country. When Rasputin was murdered, Alexandra was still in charge, Nicholas was informed but he did not leave the front. Nicholas was then not sure what to do while at the front and decided to return to his family and as well as ordered the current Duma to be dissolved. The order was ignored by the Duma and the provisional government was formed to be in charge of the country. While Nicholas was returning back to his family his train was stopped 250km away from Petrograd, he was then given a telegram telling him to abdicate, all of his generals were the ones telling him to abdicate. Nicholas then accepted to abdicate and hand his power to his son and then passed it on to his brother Mikhail. The brother also abdicated shortly after, and then this was the end of the Romanov Dynasty. Liberal Historian E.H.Carr argues that the officials lost confidence in the system and especially in the persons of the Tsar. The provisional government led Nicholas to abdicate his throne because while in power the country was settled. The Duma’s creation was another influential factor of the First World War to lead the breakdown of the dynasty.
Another contributing influence to the fall of the Romanov dynasty was due to the early defeats in the First World War. The Russians divided their army…