Essays: Richard Nixon and Union Structure

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What I understood from that movie is the Hoffa was the man who was disposed to pay the price of the power. The movie in my opinion tries to show the most important around Jimmy Hoffa in his life.

The movie tells the history about the union leader who was found above good and evil. Hoffa challenged justice and joined the mafia. He was born in a poor neighborhood in Detroit. He lost his father early and that made him abandon his studies and get a job to help support his family. He showed vocation to leadership in the very first years as a professional in the area of delivery, very charismatic left for union structure connected to the industry, which is why he was dismissed. From this experience working as a deliveryman, he realized that truckers were disunited. Even having never a truck, found a way to mingle with the segment. It didn't tale long to become a leader and union structure that, decades later would have a million and a half members following him.

Loosely inspired by real events, the beginning, the script for Hoffa narrows the focus at the time of the first efforts of Jimmy Hoffa to organize truck drivers. Late at night on deserted road, the vehicle covers the softly Bob. The dialogue between the two, in that sequence, timing and reveal enormous capacity of the first argument: "I can not go on strike." (Bob). "You can not leave it to do it." (Jimmy). "Life is a negotiation; tit, tat. And collective bargaining strengthens the worker, or as I like you. "(Jimmy).

His notoriety and prestige, combined with an amazing confidence and cream, it produced irreversible psychological strain. Elected president of the class who had the strength to stop the economy of the greatest nation on the planet, has to be considered powerful and irreplaceable. The notoriety and prestige, combined with amazing confidence and cream, it produced irreversible psychological