Essays: Ride and Franzeo Prof. Adell

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Vincent Franzeo
Prof. Adell
Eng. 50 TTH
7 October 2013
The Feminine Getaway “Dude we have to get them home by 11:30 on the dot or else we are screwed! I yelled from across the Game Works center. “What??!” “There is a lot of traffic on the strip bro, it is a Saturday night in Vegas you don’t think we are going to be crammed going home?!” “Well go get the Holy girls then Moses!” As I searched for the girls all over, they were nowhere to be found. “Rylee….Jessica!?” “Hey dip shit I found them, now let’s go before we get screwed in the ass by the law!” walking pretty fast back the car, no words or sounds were spoken other than the sounds of the busy Strip’s noises. “You do realize if we don’t get them home on time, their parents won’t trust anymore, this the third time we are cutting it close!” While the girls were laughing none stop intoxicated, James and I tried to speed in and out of cars going as fast as we can, we only had 10 minutes to get them home while the Strip was 30 minutes away. “oh you so want to fuck on me car!!?!” James yelled in a Chinese accent, “I’ll give you something to fuck on, you’re messing with a guy that already has three speeding tickets and likes to live dangerously!” “Hey Mr. Miaghi….why don’t you just get us home and quit using the damn wax on wax off technique and wax our happy asses home!” “Trust me….you don’t want to fuck on me right now, Prius!” Not having a good feeling about that night I slowly put my seatbelt on, as so did all the girls in the back seat. Coming around the last major turn of the freeway, and having a straight shot to our house exit; something incredible happened that James shouted out. “Dude...” “What?” “Check the speedometer…” “No fucking way; we did not just hit 110 in this crappy ass car...” Pissed but happy at the same time he yelled confusingly at me, “Screw you!” “Don’t listen to him Baby. He didn’t mean that, your beautiful now let’s go!” He slams his foot down and floors it all the way he can. As I look In the rearview mirror, watching the headlights dimmed in the reflection, I see flashing colored lights, and since its late and night and I’m tired I was thinking it was my eyes, but before I could say anything. “Fuck me in the ass seven times…” as James looks over at me and we both look at the speedometer—115 at this moment in time---, both knowing we might be screwed at this moment. The girls still laughing intoxicated, “Hahahahaha...your fine don’t worry, my dad’s a cop remember!?” As we turned to the side of the road, I looked over at James and realized if he gets arrested because of either driving too fast and already has a warrant for the previous tickets he owes or that the three girls are underage, past curfew, are drinking, and one of their dads is a cop. “we are so screwed man.” As the cop approached the window everybody in the car got quiet. James rolls down his window and waits for the cops first words; they were not what we expected. “So look it here, we have two golden high boys here, HA” “Uhm sir, my eye—“ “Did I ask you for your opinion kid?!” “N—No—No sir” James stuttered. “Now please explain to me why you two…uh...boys, were driving so fast?” I tried to talk because James was speechless of what was going on, “We had to take our friends in the back home because of their curfew, and we don’t want to get them in trouble.” “What friends?” the officer said back faster than I expected, meanwhile James rolled down the window without telling anybody, not to mention it was a crappy car so it went down slow and sketchy. “Whoa, so let me get this straight. You have three pretty girls in the back seat and you’re...uh...buddy up front that to me seems a little strange huh?” As I looked over at James realizing the signs that made him lead to this; My leg are crossed, we are both dressed up, look high together, and have girls in the back. The…