Essays: Science and Biotech Revolution

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Changing For Better or Worse In her article “Staying Human,” Dinesh D’Souza explains two point of views on cloning human beings and also alternating DNA and making the “perfect” child. D’Souza points out that out of all the accomplishments we have made in the world, our biggest one is that of biotech revolution. With biotech revolution (cloning and alternating DNA) as advanced as it is today, scientist can make the world a better place. With the advantage of alternating DNA, the perfect human being can be made which specializes particularly in a certain field. With perfect humans being created for every job field, the world could become a utopia. Scientist can give parents the opportunity to give their child certain genes and traits to increase cognitive ability or physical aspects. Also, being able to design the future generation, crime rates will decrease as well. With the advances in scientific technology coming so far, it was coming to a slow because. Cloning of animals has already been done but the questioning of cloning a human and changing natures role of random was coming into play. With the ability to create the perfect human, that would leave two types of people in this world. The advantaged people who have modified genes and are able to functions in certain aspects better than others. Then there are the disadvantaged ones, the humans that were naturally born, and the ones who don’t have scientifically engineered talents to excel in certain things. Morals are