Essays: Upward Bound and Best Veterinarian Clinic

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The Personal Look
In my future there will be so many options like mechanic, veterinarian, army, and lawyer. The main career that I want to be is a veterinarian because I enjoy helping animals, and specially animals that deserve the help that nobody gives them. I want to be that someone who can help them in every way and always give them a chance. I will do whatever it takes like fighting for my future even if it causes me to lose my entire life. Today in my life I go out and volunteer at pet clinics and homes where people need help. I hope for in my future no matter where I end up in my life I want to be a successful veterinarian.
In 10 years from now I see myself applying at the best veterinarian clinic at Texas A&M in town, but I plan on moving out of state to find the best in Colorado because it’s beautiful and very peaceful. I will be working hard every day to get accepted and I will do my best by studying, reading books, going to tutorials and giving my 100% best effort in my schoolwork, reading through books and taking notes, asking advice from people. My chances in 10 years are I will be looking for a home either in California or Florida and if I can’t make it far at that moment then I will be looking for a home in Colorado. The family that I have will be supporting me in any way they can help, they will also help me out if I’m stuck somewhere in a position that I cannot handle alone. Having a family is another I’m looking forward to in my future because I don’t…