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Brian Migdaleck
Million Dollar Baby Midterm
Million Dollar Baby for can be known as a very controversial movie around the world due to its conflicts about euthanasia and human morals. I chose to discuss, exactly, the essence of the main character, “Maggie,” and how I relate to her essences as a human being. Throughout the movie she continues to display traits of persistence and gratitude. Maggie also shows she does not believe age is an important factor in many aspects of her life, but her state of health and well-being is. Most people do not display the essence of persistence. When anyone tells them “No” even once, most people heed the outcome of the encounter and move on. Maggie on the other hand does not see things that way. When she first arrives at the gym to ask Frankie if he can train her, he immediately concludes the answer is “No,” and walks away. Maggie’s experience with such a stubborn personality would usually deter most people from progressing; however she persists to get him to train her. Despite her modest upbringing, she chose to fight to obtain personal success, both financially and professionally, through hard-work and perseverance. This upbringing had a profound effect on the human being she became. A clear example to show her persistence is when her nose was broken during one of her fights. Breaking a bone is a very painful and mind-numbing experience, which would definitely force any other human being to drop out of the fight. Maggie however pushes through the pain, and has Frankie set it back in place. She continues the fight, and wins it, thanks to her persistence and dedication. Towards the end of her mortal journey, when she deems her life “complete,” she attempts to bleed to death by biting her own tongue. There is no better example to show her level of persistence and pure willpower to accomplish whatever she wishes. Her level of persistence shines through in people sometimes. I have a good example myself of how persistence helped mold my life into being the way it is today. First and foremost, having this paper before me is a perfect example. After high school I attempted college, having no family members before me to attend or complete it, I had very little guidance. I eventually stopped attending my classes and worked a full-time job instead. Here I am today, re-enrolled in college to complete my education, despite the many challenges, such as working a full-time job and being a full-time student. I even got the job I wanted by continuing to return every other day to speak to the manager until he gave me the job. As a human being, this persistence is an essence that can drive one to accomplish anything. Just being thankful for things is not enough, showing gratitude can be a human essence that can carry relationships to deeper and more familiar levels. Maggie consistently show this quality