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Vincent Li
Angie Kassab
May 5, 2015
Two Amazing Cites In The World I have been almost Fifth cities in this world. If people ask me about two most amazing cities during all cities I have been. My answer is one is the biggest city in east side of earth, Shanghai, another one is the biggest city in west side of earth, New York City. Obviously, two cities have some similarities, such both cities are the big size with a large population; however, two cities are different from one another in weather, food and culture. One of the most obvious differences between Shanghai and New York City is weather. People do not have real feeling about winter that full of snow if they have never left Shanghai as a result of there is no snow in winter of Shanghai. In contrast, the winter in New York City is full of snow and cold. People have to wear warm clothes. Even more the snow changed a big trouble to people who living in New York City, such as snow storm. Because of the weather, most people travelled to Shanghai not New York City in winter if they can choose. In addition, there is a great different between Shanghai and New York City is food. Most of people who living in shanghai prefer Chinese food to western food. As this reason, In shanghai, there are more than ninety percent restaurants are making Chinese food. On the other hand, American was a country of massive immigration what decides to different people living in American with different eating preference. As this reason, American food is not the main food likes Chinese food in Shanghai; likewise,