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A) essay
The First World War was worse than any other war in history. more characters in it were killed and hurt more than ever, the international conflicts of the United Nations. casualties of the entire war totaled over 20 million.

Death came in brutal ways. The men mowed down by machine guns, destroyed by explosive grenades, killed in war and merchant ships torpedoed in the Atlantic, crushed under caterpillars fearsome new weapon that they were tanks. The war also collect parte in civilian life. air raids caused little damage, but as each side tried to block supplies from the other, millions of men weakened by poor nutrition, disease victims.

Initially, the war was a challenge for the brave young daring. but by 1918, the war and charmless enclosed on both sides. It was a cruel fight. However, the end was a sense of exhilaration in whom they could not predict the future. at least his suffering would benefit mankind, they thought that this had been the war to end all wars. It was called the great war world war had not seen in these scale with the participation of world powers the consequences were
He conducive to fascism
He was born communism as a state
-four empires were destroyed: Russian Empire, German Empire, Austro-Hungarian and the Ottoman Empire, besides the British Empire remained mortally wounded
Besides that Germany remained in ruins

b) Essay women acquired a new place in society, and became indispensable throughout the war, in the countryside, factories, offices, schools (to compensate for the departure of many teachers). feminism progressed, the voting was agreed in britain, germany, united states and russia, but not in France. women handling trucks, assembled and packaged dangerous weapons ammunition, bullets, bombs and missiles. women also traveled to Belgium and France to serve in the military hospitals. The socieda was that most received the impact of hunger and diseases., particularly in World War II., where they were bombed their homes., sleeping in the open., because of the bombings killed more civilians than combatants in battlefronts. All were victims of this war brought consecuensias respect wing technology. the start of the conflict in the First World War resulted in the development of chemical agents, ranging from tear gas to mustard gas and phosgene, is developing the first modern flamethrowers, the hand grenades were refined down to its form better known as the pineapple or graph body, the same as were still used during the second world war, so the development of the first modern mortar which consisted of a tube of smooth sheet and bipod better known as "mortar strokes" are most the artillery reached a great climax to a better refinement of shells "piece shorter than the barrel in relation to their caliber," whose impact was considerable, were also present although sophisticated heavy machine guns, weighing 60 kilos bordered in parts key is first used military tanks for crossing trenches and barbed wire to cross fields, as well as being immune to fire the machine gun

c) the first and second world war.

World War I begins in 1914 and ends in 1919. The main cause of the war was the ambition of emperialistas powers to conquer the best colonies emperialistas these powers were divided into two hostile camps the triple alliance was formed by the countries of Germany, Austria, Italy and Hungary when the war began hurgania countries like turkey and joined;
Italy just by joining the other side for not fulfilling the commitments agreed triple etente: estava comprised france, inglateraa, and Russia, later he joined Serbian, when the war began countries like japan, romania, china, belgium, italy, portugal, greece and joined united states
War began in Sarajevo on June 28, 1914 with the Crown Prince of Austria asesinao fransisco sofia fernando and his wife, the promoter of the attack was called Virgil princip Serbian nationalism, this was a pretext for austtria gave an ultimatum to Serbia