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Getting a good health is not enough. We as humans should maintain it and improve it. Exercise is one of the vital factors for improving our health. It keeps us in good shape and it will improve our health for the better. Exercise has two aspects when it comes to maintain the health, one with the technology and the other one with non-technology. Technology aspects are exercises dealing with technology, examples are Elliptical, Stationary bike, Rowing, Stair Stepper, Treadmill etc. On the other hand, non-technology aspects are exercises dealing with non-technology and that will be running, swimming, yoga, karate etc. This essay will focus more on the comparison between two main technology exercise equipment’s: Treadmills and Stationary bikes. Individuals, who exercise with this equipment’s, can see a tremendous output in body fitness, lower bad cholesterol and weight loss. For a healthier lifestyle one should be fit. For some it motivates there best on the field of competition. Other pursues to be physically fit in order to impress the society, especially that boy or girl. Treadmill is one of the main exercise equipment where one can maintain the fitness throughout the life. It makes the whole organs to function faster, more efficient, and injury free. Jogging, walking or running on a treadmill can all improve cardiovascular fitness and tone the lower body. This exercise equipment is for all ages and it is simple to use. According to this function walking is suggested as a low-risk exercise for beginners looking to improve their health and fitness levels. It has its own comfortable levels like climate-controlled option for a walking or jogging workout and it offer an indoor fitness. In contrast Stationary bike is vital equipment for exercise to increase general fitness and training for cycle events. It stands for general fitness because it is safe, lower impact and it provides cardiovascular exercise. This function also allow the user to pedal backwards to exercise antagonist muscle which are not exercised in forward pedaling. For those who experience low back discomfort, this machine provides an ideal fitness. The popularity of this equipment hiked over years and has shown one of the best sellers for home fitness equipment. Therefore when it comes to fitness; treadmill and stationary bike will not drop the trust. Walking is the most usual form of exercise known to man and it is safe, simple, and can be done anytime at any sort of weather or clothing. Now days aerobic exercises has lots of benefits like lowering cholesterol and even strengthening the heart. Walking or running on a treadmill is an effective form of aerobic exercise. This equipment can be used either walking or running. In this equipment both speed and incline can be adjusted to add measurable intensity. Using a treadmill for this resolution can lower the bad cholesterol. Every treadmill has its own console and the work of the console is to provide the user the speed and duration. Some treadmill comes with calorie counters and heart rate monitors. This equipment benefits for all kinds of people. The vital is to follow to a regular schedule of treadmill walking and incorporate a balance diet, satisfactory sleep and hydration. A regular exercise for 30 minutes on treadmill can reduce the bad cholesterol. Then again with this equipment one can increase the level of high density lipoproteins that flows through the veins. Likely, good cholesterol is being hiked. In contrast stationary bikes are also good support in lowering bad cholesterol. Stationary bikes are built for a low impact activity and it doesn’t cause a lot of stress on joints so one can easily adapt to its environment. It reduces stress which leads to lower cholesterol. This is also very beneficial for diabetes and cancer patients. Basically, it makes breathe deeper by increasing the body temperature thus giving the relief. In a sense both of the equipment’s related in a