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Mellissa Fender

Ethical Situations In Business

Task 1


Company Q's current attitude towards social responsibility doesn't appear to be neither bad or great. Currently, that have closed two stores due to low profits there, but on the outside that may appear to customers that those stores were closed due to the high crime rate that are in those areas. They have begun providing food that are organic and health conscious, at the request of their customers. They have been asked to donate food to local food pantries but have declined due to the risk of the employees stealing food, fraud and lost revenue. In terms of social responsibility there are some areas in which company Q could evaluate there ethics, and rules to better accommodate customers, employees, stakeholders & members of the community. The first suggestion I would have to increase their customers interpretation of their social responsibility would be to evaluate the donation of items. While I do understand the risks of possible fraud and lost revenue, I believe that implementing donations would be a good thing for the company. Donating of items would show support of the community, and a general involvements with the citizens of the area. The company could add some training about the donations, and how those need to be wrote off for donating. The company could also enforce stricter guidelines for the donations, and designate a certain affiliation that would pick up the donations, and sign out what they are taking, so that Company Q has a good paper record of what is going out in donations. I believe by donating food to local charities or food pantries Company Q would increase there reputation with both customers and stakeholders. As far as lost revenue would go, if the food is already day old, and will be thrown away if not donated, I don't see how the company would be losing any money in the process, unless food that was not day old was donated as apposed to being sold in the store, and to counteract that, employees or possibly management would have to take caution in checking dates, and ensuring that the products they are donating are indeed day old, and cannot be sold in the store. The next suggestion I would make would be about the closing of stores in high crime areas, even though those stores were closed due to lose of profit, and the risks of losing more money, that could definitely be perceived by customers, or people of the community that the company just didn't want to deal with the crime rates, and didn't want to have to worry about the risk of things such as robbery, theft and vandalism. Perhaps the company could begin offering some sort of delivery option to customers in that area. Another idea to improve social responsibility would be to try and place another store in the area, that is smaller and has less over head costs, so that the company could continue to serve customers in that area of town, but not have to be upside down in order to do it. If all else fails, I believe the best option would be to be upfront with customers, stakeholders and employees about why the store was closed, due to the loss of money, and that it had…