Est1 Task 2 Health And Social Care

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Health policy as defined by the World Health Organization (2017) states that it is information that is put in place to ensure that health goals are accomplished. A policy is a set of guidelines with a specific understanding of purpose. Health policy is unique in that it is used to prioritize issues in order to address key issues in society. In developing health policy, there are many factors to consider in regards to the several components of systems and parts to an organization. The Department of Health and Human Services has health policy standards. This ensures that people have coverage with insurance and their needs are being met. The HHS 2015 standards are focused on the availability of health insurance marketplaces which would allow the opportunity for those interested in private health insurance coverage to obtain it through their employers (CMMS, 2014). The goal is to create stability in the insurance marketplace with consumers. If the price of co pays and deductibles do not sky rocket then financially …show more content…
These committees are assigned bills to oversee which gives them “legislative jurisdiction” in that area (Melnik & Marquez, 2012). There is an allotted amount of time that is allowed for the committee to review these bills and debate them. At the end of this time they get the chance to vote on the legislation. If both the Senate and House committee vote to pass the bill then it moves along in the legislation process. These committees have a lot of control in what legislation goes before Congress which makes them very important in our health care process. It is important that they are informed on what policies are going to make the difference in our lives and how these bills could ultimately affect the different sub populations that programs work with. Having people with current knowledge of the programs to include the deficits and benefits would help in this legislative