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Joanna Bartlomiejczyk


Joanna Bartlomiejczyk


BUSINESS NETWORKING is a socioeconomic activity by which groups of like-minded businesspeople recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities. A business network is a type of social network whose reason for existing is business activity. Business networking can be conducted in a local business community, or on a larger scale via the Internet, is an effective low-cost marketing method for developing sales opportunities and contacts, based on referrals and introductions- either face-to-face at meetings and gathering, or by other contact methods such as phone, email, and increasingly social and
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Even if your employer does not offer financial support for professional memberships, or if we are temporarily unemployed, making the decision to join and become involved is an excellent investment in your career. * In addition to meetings and conferences, there are typically publications, membership directories and virtual learning events, sponsored by the association, through which you can learn about fellow members and make meaningful professional contacts. Serving on committees and speaking at conferences are additional avenues for networking, developing leadership skills, and pursuing personal growth within a community of colleagues. * Talk with colleagues you respect to learn what associations they consider most relevant. If we work in a food company, for example, learn which associations support the food and beverage industry. Join the association that has the scope (local, national or international) and focus (research, professional development, marketing, advocacy or some combination of these) that will allow you to interact