Establish and Maintaining an Early Years Service Essay

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The process involved in establishing and maintaining a service for children involves managing relationships with parents/legal guardians. This will include negotiating requirements and developing contracts of agreement and systems with which information can be exchanged with parents/legal guardians. When developing contracts of agreement both the managers and the parents will need to find out information.

· Has the child got any allergies, especially food allergies so the cook does not provide them with the food they are allergic to?
· What is the child’s date of birth, when were they born, how old are they?
· Will the child be attending the setting full time or part time?
· Home details of the child, e.g. home address, telephone number and so on.
· The child’s family background, e.g. here is where the manager will be able to find out if the child is under the care of biological parents? Foster parents? How many siblings the child has, does the child live with mum and dad and so on?
· Does the child have any disabilities, autism? Learning difficulties? ADHD?
· Parents contact details, including those for emergencies, telephone numbers, address, name and so on.
· Who is going to pick the child up? Is it always going to be the same person? A relative? Guardian? Carer? Is anyone not allowed to pick the child up for protection reasons? Password to identify themselves and connect them to child.
· Does the child require any specific medication? Is the setting aloud to administer medication e.g. calpol if the child has a high temperature?
· Is the child breast or bottle fed, how will carer provide milk for the child? In bottles? How often will they bring in fresh milk?
· Does the child have any naps in the day, if so how long for, and does parents want nursery nurse to wake child if they are not awake after their allowed time.
· Do parents/guardians give consent for their child to be part of observations, have their picture taken, able to be taken out on trips and so on?
· What is the child’s name, does the child have any preferred names or nicknames e.g. Ben short for Benjamin.
· Set up a contract of payment, and explain that there will be set penalties if the parents/guardians are late and do not let the setting aware.
· Does the child have any cultural or religious beliefs; is there a set pattern their parents want them to follow?
· Organising a settling in period for the child to get used to the setting and the staff in it.
· Explain to parents the procedures for when a child is sick. Child not allowed back in setting till 48 hours after the last time they were sick. Also finding out about the child records, have they had their immunisations?

· What are the nursery’s opening times?
· What facilities are provided inside and outside of the setting? Is there an outside play area, eating facilities, play facilities and so on?
· How much does it cost for my child to attend?
· What are the catering procedures is food provided or do children need to bring packed lunch?
· If there is outside play facilities, when will my child be going outside and for how long?
· Is there any extra funding that I am entitled to to help me pay for my child’s fees?
· What do I need to provide for my child whilst they are at nursery? Nappies, tooth brush, milk, food and so on.
· How do we pay for my child’s fees, is it through cheque? Cash? How often do I have to pay the fees and who do I pay it too?
· If I provide my child with a tooth brush, how often will they be brushing their teeth and will they get support in doing so?
· What are the nurseries care routines?
· Are students and staff CRB checked before they begin working in the setting? And what type of qualifications do they hold?
· How will I be able to find out what my child has been doing during the day? For example, what they have eaten, what they have played with and so on.

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