Establish and Adjust the Marketing Mix Essay

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Establish and Adjust the Marketing Mix
Monitor and adjust the marketing mix

Business Report: TOYOTA

1. Introduction

Toyota Motor Corporation (TOYOTA) is one of biggest automaker in the world. Main products are a passenger car, truck, bus, RV etc. The company headquartered in Toyota, Aichi, Japan which employed 300,734 people worldwide and was the third largest automobile manufacture in 2011 by production behind General Motors and Volkswagen Group. Toyota is the eighth largest company in the world by revenue (around 200 billion USD) in 2011. The company reported it had manufactured its 200million cars in 2012.

Toyota is a leading company, and for over 70 years. It has been expanding business all over the world and
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Toyota’s customer policy
“One car consists of about 30,000 parts. In order to protect a customer’s car life, slack of the one screw cannot be overlooked, either. Toyota thinks that supporting it is the heart which thinks of high technical capabilities and customer.
It is "3 Soul" of Toyota.
Exact technical capabilities, and kind customer reception and its two souls have led to reliance of Toyota.”

With above reason, customer could buy Toyota’s car, and they are guaranteed satisfaction.

2.6 Potential customer (geographic demographics)
Nowadays, car is used useful transportation by people in the world, and also having the car is one of status. As far as I know, most developed country people have a car per person, and the car market of developed country could be called saturation.

According to JAMA (Japanese automobile manufacturers association), the car possession number of every country in the world is over 1 billion sets in 2010, but there are over 7 billion people in the world, the company should sell a car to developing country people especially Asia market. In an economic projection the Asia number of population will be increasing more than 5 billion until 2050.

I think that this is potential market and customer and it is absolutely important for the company to obtain developing country market share, because usually a two-wheeled