Establishing Communication with Clients for Advice and Guidance Essay

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Establish Communication with clients for Advice & Guidance

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|Explain how to create a safe and suitable environment for practitioners and clients | |Every organisation should have specific safety policies and plans tailored to their business and work environment, depending on| |what type of safety issues are relevant. By training all employees thoroughly in the safety policies, the organisation can | |ensure that an environment or situation is safe for all. Additionally, seeking the involvement of staff in drawing up plans or | |adding to them is an excellent way to obtain “buy in” and maintain compliance. | |When practitioners meet
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How do you make your client aware of the limit of confidentiality? |Confidentiality is a vital to uphold when dealing with clients because its purpose is to ensure the boundaries on the amount | |of personal information and data that can be disclosed without client consent is kept. A client should be confident when | |disclosing personal information that it will be kept confidential and that their privacy will be protected. | |When meeting a client for the first time I explain that the relationship will be based on trust and that all personal | |information disclosed will be treated confidentially and records will be kept according to the standards laid down by the | |Information Commissioner’s Office and the Data Protection Act. I explain how and where any documents are stored and when | |completing paperwork, I obtain permission for some information to be passed on to third parties as required. This could be | |forwarding names and addresses to book training courses or to arrange transport. I also ask for written