A Story: Deterging With Patety And An Eating Disorder

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Esther is returning to her old school while struggling with anxiety and an eating disorder. She knows most everyone who attends there, and knows they will recognize her. Sounds like she's off to a good start. But Esther's childhood friends might have changed--as did she.
She eats lunch with them, has class with them, and sees each one of them in the hallways. And as she walks in on her first day back since transferring schools, her old friends are calling her name and following her all over. "Do you remember me?" they ask. But Esther is still dealing with her mental health, above all other issues involved with adjusting to another school mid-year. She has trouble going to school in the morning, claiming she feels "sick". But she walks out to the bus anyways, and waits anxiously before getting on. As school hours proceed, Esther has times of panic and tries to go to the nurse's office as an escape. Soon, she begins seeing the school guidance counselor, Miss G. One day at lunch, Esther is feeling peaceful and she spots Miss G. in the cafeteria and approaches her. She looks up with a smile, and says "I feel much better." Students begin to notice Esther struggling; some pity her, and some bothered by her. Esther is still struggling with her mental health, but she isn't bothered by what others do or think just yet.
What was left of the school year passed pretty quickly. Summer flew by in a breeze, and Esther begins a new year at the same school. Right away, the same kids she knew last year aren't being very nice to her. A boy named Colton would call her names like "twig" and tease her saying she has a tapeworm. Her best friend from first grade, Riha, only gives her dirty looks now. Alan laughed at her low weight when she had to use the number for an experiment in class, and Jim spreads rumors about her. Tristan tells on her for writing down a math answer when the teacher went over it. Esther has two main friends, Allie and Gabi, but she struggles to mantain a relationship with them. But even Allie comments on how Esther barely eats during lunch. Esther keeps all her social problems and bullying to herself, neglecting to share this with her mother.
One afternoon, during history class, Jim decides to begin a rumor about something Esther allegedly did. She had no idea until students began coming up to her asking "Why did you do it?". Esther decides to find out for herself what exactly she "did". She asks one of the people involved with the rumor, and their response is shocking and ridiculous. When people will not stop