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Individual task.
On the scrap paper provided, explain the term neutralisation. Warm up!
Learning Together to Achieve Success

Group task (2 minutes!)
Now listen to everyone's explanation and come up with the best definition to share with rest of class.

Warm up!
Learning Together to Achieve Success

Write the definition in the glossary in the back of your red books.

Warm up!
Learning Together to Achieve Success

All: Will be able to write how to test for hydrogen.
Written work will have ‘S.P.A.G’ included.

Most: Will be able to rank the metals tested due to their reactivity with acid.

Some: Will be able to represent the reactions observed by word and symbol equations.
Keywords: Neutralisation, Effervescence, Exothermic
Learning Together to Achieve Success

Do all metals react with acids in the same way? sodium magnesium



iron magnesium lead copper --the the metal metal no- bubbles, the reacts reacts metal no slowly, very reacts reaction slowly, producing quickly with producing with acid a few thestrong very bubbles acid,few producing bubbleslots of bubbles sodium --the metal bursts into flames, a very reaction Learning Together to Achieve Success


Results table
Observations Temperature Result of test change? with lighted splint Questions
1. Rank the metals in order of reactivity; most reactive to least.
2. Write a word equation for the reaction between Magnesium and Hydrochloric acid (HCl). Use help sheet if you are stuck!
3. Copper did not react with the acid. How do you know that a reaction did not take place?