ESUS1 CW1 B Run RW Section 3 Question Paper

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ESUS1 CW1 B-run: Reading & Writing Section 3 (compare & contrast essay)

Write an essay (250-275 words) which responds to the title below. Structure the essay appropriately, and use appropriate supporting and concluding sentences in each of your paragraphs. You must: use information provided in the text reference the information fully paraphrase into your own words
Direct copying will result in a fail.

Type your first draft answer. Please use either ‘Arial’ or ‘Times New Roman’ font size 12. You will submit this draft on the day of your classroom assessment. You will receive feedback from your teacher. You should use this feedback to redraft your answer.
After you receive your feedback, you will have two days to redraft your answer. Your second draft should be typed and presented on a separate page. You may be asked to submit this final essay through Turnitin.
You will be awarded marks for: -

Task Achievement-
Use of relevant information and successful paraphrasing
Organisation – Coherence and Cohesion
Clear organisation of information into paragraphs. Appropriate structure of individual paragraphs and accurate use of a range of cohesive devices
Grammatical Range & Accuracy
Using a range of grammatical structures accurately
Lexical Range & Accuracy
Using a range of vocabulary accurately

Write an essay of 250-275 words in response to the question below.
Compare & contrast European/American ideals of beauty with ideals of beauty in non-Western cultures since the 19th century.