Essay On Race And Your Community

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May 8, 2011
ETH 125

Race and Your Community

In my community it’s only three basic race groups which is African –American, White- American and Mexican –American. Everyone in my community looks different because every race has their own preference and likes and dislike. In Greenville North Carolina the African –Americans are more into music, church and soul food. The White –American are into college sport games and the country club golf tournament. The Mexican –American is more into dancing and designing custom cars. The mayor Kandie Smith earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from Charleston Southern University. She is currently a Residential Director for
ReStart Behavioral Health. She past work experience includes being an Executive Team Leader of Assets Protection for Target and a Senior Staff Instructor for the Crisis Prevention Institute. She has tirelessly served the community through her sorority, Greenville NC Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., League of Women Voters, Greenville Get out to Vote
Coalition, the City of Greenville Neighborhood Advisory Board, and has served as Logistics Chair of the American Heart Association's Heart Walk. Kandie is an energetic, creative problem solver. As the oldest of four siblings, she exudes strength and character and is accustomed to taking on challenges, solving problems and demonstrating leadership. As a Senior Staff Instructor with the Crisis Prevention Institute, Kandie traveled the world providing counsel to Companies by training staff in crisis management, prevention and resolution. She listens to people; she learns what and where the resources are to help in any situation; she's a lifelong learner and is passionate about everything she undertakes. ( In Greenville North Carolina there is more unity within the younger crowed than with the older crowded. The younger crowded in the community goes to the same school (East Carolina University, Pitt Community College and local high school) and party with each other at the downtown around of Greenville which is close the to the university. The older crowded goes by the traditional way of living in the south and still feel that thing should be the way it should be like it was in the past. My work manuals do not contain information about people like me because the people I supervise at work are inmate. The inmates are menace to society and my job is to make them modern citizens again. The local media does represent people like us because the local media doesn’t represent anything for the community. The local media are more about the bad things that’s going on instead of all the accomplishment the city of Greenville North Carolina had accomplish. The difference between me and the leader in my community is that I know what the people want and know and the leaders don’t because they really don’t come out into the community and see for themselves how we need to improvement in the community. The kids in the community need more youth center to help them stay out of trouble and be more active into something positive. The older crowed in the community would like law enforcement to be more into the community and set up neighborhood watch meeting to prevent and reduce crimes in the community. It’s no similarities between me and the leaders in my community because I’m for the people in mine community and the leaders are for themselves. The Naacp of Greenville North Carolina found five core issues haunt poor North Carolina communities like Southeast Rocky Mount. They included weak youth opportunities, lack of employment, crime, inadequate housing and untapped community resources.
That's according to a team of five graduate students from the school of