Eth125 R8 Wk2 Myths And Stereotypes Essay

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Myths and Stereotypes Transcript

Speakers: Narrator, Boy 1, Girl 1, Boy 2, Man, Girl 2, Woman 1, Boy 3, Woman 2, Girl 3, Boy 4, Boy 5


NARRATOR: While these labels can help a person identify their sexual orientation, there are many myths and stereotypes that go along with these terms.

BOY 1: You know you have all of these stereotypes about gay people. You have stereotypes about gay youth that they either commit suicide or they’re off having promiscuous sex.

GIRL 1: Every homosexual man is a potential child molester.

BOY 2: Like, my straight friends, they’ll see like, gay guys and they’ll be like oh my God, watch out. They’ll try to get in your pants.

MAN: There’s a myth that gay adults like myself want to recruit gay youth and that’s just not true.

GIRL 2: I was sent to therapy to overcome my phase, the phase that I’m going through. My therapist was really great. She said that my mom should actually get checked in to therapy and I’m not the one to be there.

MAN: It can be really detrimental to a youth’s and an adult’s sense of wellbeing you know. That can increase the likelihood of suicidality and can increase the rate of depression, anxiety. That can be really detrimental.

WOMAN 1: No, I want to like, broadcast it that there are Christian people, there are Jewish people, there are Muslim people. I – I know a Muslim gay group that people who love their faith, whatever it is, and are completely out.

BOY 3: All I know is I I’m faithful and I’m religious and I believe in God so. God loves me and God – I don’t think God really is that concerned if I’m gay or not.

WOMAN 2: Lesbians are seen as bulldoggers, diesel docks, a mannish woman, a truck driver.

GIRL 3: If you’re lesbian you’re butch and if you’re gay you’re fat.

BOY 1: I don’t particularly act effeminate. I don’t have a high voice. I don’t do this.

BOY 2: A lot of people come out and they think they have to act all girly and then some people come out and they kind of don’t want to. They want to be who they are. They want to just stay that way. And then there are some people who actually have very effeminate