Eth125 Worksheet 8a Essay

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|Description |Key Term |
|The release of people from mental hospitals into local communities who are deemed not to be a |DEINSTITUTIONALIZATION |
|threat to themselves or to society. | |
|An approach to mental health in which patients talk with trained professionals to gain insight|PSYCHOTHERAPY |
|into the cause of their problems | |
|Prejudice and discrimination against older people. Involves not just stereotypes but also |AGEISM |
|discrimination in employment and housing. | |
|A social phenomenon of a higher than average gross child birth in a given period. In the US, |BABY BOOMER |
|this is often associated with a group born during the demographic Post-World War II between | |
|the years 1946 and 1964, | |
|The rapid spread of a disease through a population. |EPIDEMIC |
|A condition involving thinking, mood, or behavior that causes distress and reduces a person’s |MENTAL DISORDER |
|ability to function in everyday life. | |
|The study of how health and disease are distributed throughout a society’s population. |SOCIAL EPIDEMIOLOGY |
|The process of limiting or terminating interaction with society, family or friends, often |SOCIAL ISOLATION |
|coupled with depression or anxiety due to a loss. | |
|A social system that gives a society’s oldest members the most wealth, power, and prestige. |GERONTOCRACY |
|The study of old age, the final stage in the life course. |GERONTOLOGY |
|Refers to the increasing share of the U.S. population over the retirement age of sixty-five. |GRAYING |
|The concept in Medical and Sociological terms dealing with life expectancy under various |MORTALITY