Ethan: Dress Code and School Uniforms Essay

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Ethan Wright

Have you noticed school dress codes are in the news? School uniforms are a hot topic. Many public schools are revising their dress codes to establish school uniforms. Are school uniforms good or bad? There are many different reasons for school uniforms. Some say having a school uniform helps to prevent violence and others say it prevents originality. School uniforms have many positives. Kids that go to schools that have uniforms display better behavior. The kids may not agree with uniforms but it is what is best for them. School uniforms have been proven to help kids get better grades, less school fights and parents don’t have to worry about buying clothes that are in style. Do you want your kids to have better grades? School uniforms can improve student’s grades. Studies have been done on this argument about school uniforms. School’s that have uniforms had higher scores than other school districts that do not have uniforms (Wilde, 2008). A student can concentrate on their grades, school work and creativity if they are not focused on what they are wearing. If you want your child to have better grades then put your child in a school that has uniforms. School fights are problems for many school districts. Fights happen in all schools and even schools that wear uniforms. However, schools that have uniforms have fewer incidences of fights. Research has been done on school fights on why they occur. Fights occur because they get bullied about what they are wearing. The students will tease other students about their choice in style and this ends up in fights (Angela, 2002). Therefore, schools can decrease the amount of fights by having students wear uniforms. Parents spend a fortune on buying school clothes for their children. The clothes