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Ethics Decision Business ethics includes a wide range of moral or ethical principles that arise in a business environment, and it includes individuals’ actions in a company as well as the organization’s actions and positions on ethical matters. Making ethical business decisions consistently is a key to long-term success for any business. However, it is hard to make an ethics decision, which ethical values are superior. Based on the situation that happened in my company, as a Chief Engineer, I decided to do nothing about this. There are some reasons as following. First of all, I could not make sure the channel of sources which was provided by Research Associate is legal or not. Research Associate was averse to revealing the sources of his/her information. We could not presume too much upon the reliability of such sources. If it is illegal, we may be involved in lawsuit. Commonly, it will damage enterprise image. Lawsuit is time-consuming, costly and disruptive for organization. Second, as a leader, it is important to act ethical. Forbes, American business magazine, made a public investment which regarded to ethical decision-making. The report highlights that “Working for a boss who behaves unethically engenders little to no respect from the manager’s direct reports”. Furthermore, the ethics massage begins at the top of a firm and cascades down and through its entire. I think employees may be tempted to rationalize their own unethical conduct when they see their leaders acting unethically. In this case, I cannot make this significant decision which information is hard to determine. I need to do what is right for the company, and be a positive role model for other employees. Last but not least, ethical employees may make poor ethical decisions when they do not understand the complexity of the issues or they are overconfident. Research Associate is new employee in our company. It is possible that he/she does not familiar with business in our company. While it is important to be confident in business, do not let overconfidence lead to illogical rationalizations or overlook the complexity of problems or