Ethical and legal problems that were brought up by cell phones Essay

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Module 3 Essay: Television

Student: Valentin Kashtelyan
DAR 103

I this essay I will describe my personal experience in relation to abstinence from TV, video games, or popular Internet programs. In last months, I am watching TV very rare, the same applying to computer games. Still, I am watching regularly films on computer, or popular Internet programs. Therefore, I am describing my experience, starting from Monday 9.15.14 to Wednesday 9.17.14. Overall, all week I am very busy preparing for lessons, teaching, and studying for DAR 103. I have a little time in the evening usually at 9:00pm. So, last Monday it was around 9:00pm that I had a little time and I was too tired to do anything more than to sit and watch something from the popular programs. Often I am going to Netflix, checking if some new movies are appearing there. However, at this Monday I had to resist those temptations. So, I felt as something was missing from my schedule, as some part of my activity was missing. My inner “myself” was somehow frustrated and overall I was not well. Therefore, I started to think that I have somehow to indulge for myself; even it would be good for 30 minutes. I had started to check if new movies started to appear on site. I was watching movie for 20 minutes and finally stopped to watch, it was boring and I felt myself quite tired and needed to start preparation to go to bed. (Tomorrow I had to wake up very early). Tuesday similar