Ethical Approaches Critique Paper

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Critical Paper:
Ethical Approaches

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This paper summarizes each of ethical approaches, especially the Grand Principles, Nash’s Covenantal Business Ethic, Damon’s Four Dimensions of Business Morality, and Hill’s (2008) Christian Ethic for Business. Also, this paper critiques each of them through analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of approaches. Finally, the most favor approach is provided at the end. The Grand Principles which are called the prescriptive approach are provided by some philosophers such as Kant and Aristotle. The Grand Principles include Consequentialist Theories, Deontological Theories, and Aristotle’s Virtue Ethics. Firstly,
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I am not willing to put the profit in the core value even if I can create trust quickly. Damon’s theory about four dimensions of business morality is an ethical approach to reach the achievement. The four dimensions of business morality are generative, empathic, restrictive, and philanthropic. Damon shows a person’s development of moral identity through the pyramid of business moralities. In addition, the author explains that although each dimension plays an important role in itself, some are more fundamental than others in the sense. Also, business success builds on the foundation of morality. One of advantages of Damon’s approach is that this theory is practical. The logical of the theory is clear. For example, based on the figure of the pyramid, moral identity which provides a sense to make moral choices is important when people consider four dimensions. People are encouraged to do the right things. Further, the author also provides many cases to support his idea is realistic and explain how to use this theory in their life. I like the concept of Damon’s approach, especially moral identify. People need to identify the moral. Then, find out which dimensions they are so that they can step by step to get the fruits in their business through keeping morality. In his article, Hill introduces the concepts of holiness, justice, and love which are emphasized in Bible while the similar values which could be built in