Essay about Ethical Conflicts

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Ethical Conflicts
Sam Kennedy
Grantham University

Ethical Conflicts The assistant district attorney would create many ethical conflicts if he went to prison and while on probation. He would put many people in a moral and ethical dilemma from being such a high profile official. From trying to get special treatment to bribing guards there could be many ways this could be seen as having ethical conflicts. One of the ethical conflicts would be the special treatment that he would more than likely receive while in prison. He would probably get put in a not so harsh part of the prison instead of general population. He would also get a job that most inmates do not get like working for the warden. This would be one way there would be a conflict because he got the job because of who he was and not that he earned it. He would probably get more special treatment like longer visits or being able to have things in his cell that is prohibited. Being a former ADA and knowing the staff would put the staff in a situation where they would want to help but still want to do their jobs. This would cause a conflict and put the staff in an ethical dilemma. They would have to make the decision on to do the right thing or bend the rules for him. On probation for so long one would have to think that he would not have to report to his probation officer as most would. Being that he worked with probation and parole while being an assistant district attorney they would probably not make him report and submit to drug screaning as you are supposed to while on probation. This is ethicaly