Ethical Decision Reflection Essay

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Ethical Decision Reflection HSM/230 October 11, 2014 Facilitator: Sheila Dupuis Michele Toombs

I was working for an elderly lady who was 87 years old her name is Leona. I was introduced to her because her house was the filthiest place I had seen; Leona lived in a home for the elderly. The staff there was complaining how dirty Leona was and she may be evicted. A friend of mine was actually helping her with financial situations, as she was not competent to do so on her own. So my friend had asked me to clean her home and start taking care of her, when I went to her home it was the most disgusting place, I felt really bad for this women. Leona had neither family nor friends either. It took me four days working nine hours a day nonstop until I completed cleaning her home. Than I had to bathe her, whom she probably did not do for a very long time, she actually had a very bad fungus from improper hygiene. I from there started taking care of her twice a week, I began to realize she cannot take care of her self any longer, she was old and had memory loss and did not remember weather she ate, bathed, basically she was like a young child again. My friend Gene and I had a long conversation regarding Leona’s situation in which I explained Leona is not capable of being home alone. Unfortunately she could not afford me to come all the time, and I had to make money for my family. We went through Adult Protective Services, The welfare system, and I had went as far as writing letters to complain on why she