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Issue’s in Title IX

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Proposed Topic 1
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Proposed Topic

Title IV in college athletics is a very hot topic. It’s had an enormous effect on the way administrators are running athletic programs. Title IX is a piece of legislation in the education amendments 1972 that requires schools that receive federal funds to provide girls and women with equal opportunity to compete in sports. There are many issues with Title IX and because these violations of Title IX are growing louder, it’s going to be more difficult for institution to report bogus numbers to indicate the number of women athletes competing in athletics. I totally believe that it should be policies and procedures in place to insure that women are going to be treated fairly. Even, if it means some traditional men sports will have to no longer exist. Women and Men have to be treated equally in this country. We have made some strides in equality but we have a long ways to go before things are equal for men and women in sports. The popularity of women sports have grown in America over the last 20 years. I make a concerted effort to support women sports such as basketball, soccer and volleyball. Not only are these sports very exciting and competitive. I believe in the next 20 years some women will be able to compete professional against men in the previously mentioned sports. I believe Title IX is a necessary law for colleges to follow. It gives more educational opportunities to women. It gives more athletic opportunities to women also. It 2

also helps to empower women. All of the characteristics that a football or basketball player gets from being in his sport; teamwork, dealing with failure, work ethic, time management and more that Title IX helps give those to women. The college football's role in Title IX is massive and has an effect on women. With 85 scholarships, football is the sport that skews things to the men. More guys that are playing means women need multiple sports on campus to match the number of opportunities to men. While some people look at the lack of male track scholarships, it must be noted how many women are getting opportunities because of, not in spite of, football. Yes, there are more women going to and graduating college than ever now. That's not a bad thing, and it most certainly is not something that should be shoved aside because a small group of guys are unhappy. The idea that the playing field is level in America is a joke. People will pull numbers and attempt to frame the data in a way that swears women have the same opportunities as men. We all know that this is not true. It is a sad fact that even today, women start behind men. Trying to catch someone who has a head start is really tough. Title IX helps make that a bit more realistic. We should be celebrating Title IX, not looking for ways to end it. 3

In the Title IX era most men’s sports have faced a consistent and serious decline in both the number of participants and the number of programs. This is not a coincidence. Schools’ decisions to cuts men’s programs are related to the incentives structure that the government created in developing Title IX enforcement protocol. Title IX’s main enforcement mechanism, proportionality, effectively operates as gender quota.

Review of Literature
Title IX recently celebrated its 30th anniversary. At its inception, no one ever dreamed of the path it has paved bringing so many opportunities for women. While Title IX and its implications for athletics are in abundance, there is