The Sky Is Her Limit Essay

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The sky is her Limit
Sharing is caring. There was a couple loved each other and they had a great time. After one year of their marriage, the wife was expecting her first child – a girl. The husband was a nice person with his wife and a great father with his daughter. The wife was crazy about her family. The husband had a job, but his salary was not high. Three years later, the wife got pregnant again and had her second child. When the wife had her second baby, she was pursuing her studies. Two years later, she graduated and got her Bachelor’s degree. While she was studying, she was responsible for her first daughter, her husband, her studies, and she was pregnant in her second child.
One year later after her graduation, she got pregnant accidently. She was really upset because her husband barely could support his family since his salary did not cover their needs. The wife gave birth to her third child. He was a boy.
Sometimes the wife asked her parents to borrow her money. A day the wife called her mother to ask for money. Her mother said, “did you call for money?” The wife said, “no not at all. I just wanted to say hi and to make sure you are fine.” After this incident, the wife felt embarrassment by her parents.
When their third child turned one year old, the wife found a good job with a great salary. She had a conversation with her husband about getting the job. She was extremely excited and eager to get this job in order to support her family. Surprisingly, her husband refused this opportunity questioning who will take care of their children. She described for him many solutions; one of them is that she asked her mother to take care of the children. Her mother agreed. Yet, the husband was not convinced about the idea of having the job. After that, a conflict started between them. They abandoned each other for one year in order to draw a conclusion of whether divorce is the best for them. During this year the wife got the job and became financially independent. The wife tried to support him, but he refused her assistance. The wife supported her children through purchasing school supplies, paying school fees and buying clothing for them. After one year and six months, she got divorced. The husband got married and toke the children with him. At the beginning the children got used to call and visit their mother. After one year of the husband’s marriage, the children were not allowed to call and visit their mother. The ex-husband made the children abandon their mother for five years claiming that their mother preferred her job rather than her children. From this story we can infer that limiting women is wrong.
The Dark Side of not Empowering Women: There are many reasons that illustrate limiting women is a wrong action, the most important of which is that limiting women leads to unwelcome consequences. Unemployment is associated with psychological distress. A lot of unemployed women suffer from depression or bad mood. Of course, inactivity is a major risk factors leading to sadness, isolation and depression. A lot of unemployed women feel this way. Furthermore, they see that they are useless. As a result, they might become addicted to drugs or attempt suicide. The psychological issues stem from a woman feeling worthless.
However, some people do not believe limiting women results in psychological distress. Indeed, it is an essential factor. Having a job is an opportunity to engage outside of the home with a larger society. Furthermore, the need of money itself is a must for some people. So, it is associated with their happiness through which they can sustain themselves. Also, many women suffer from emotional distress because almost all of the time they are alone while their husbands are busy at work or out of home. A working wife understands her husband circumstances more than a wife who does not work. When a woman is busy with her children and is busy at work, she may be less likely to create a