Ethical Dilemma Case Study Essay

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Nurses are faced with ethical dilemmas every day. There are a lot of different beliefs surrounding ethics and the code of ethics. Ethics and ethical issues have always existed, that is why they have put in place the code of ethics. The American Nursing Association (ANA) Code of Ethics isa guideline to help nurses determine which course of action to pursue. Every minute many ethical decisions are made, some may not comply with guidelines and others the patient’s will never understand. In this case study the nurse is put in an uncomfortable position and has two find a way to comply with the family, the patient, and the doctor’s orders.How can she report to the doctor the information the daughter has told her? How she approached
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There are several ways the nurse can approach this situation. The first is to help easy patient’s S.Z. daughter’s fears about her father. The nurse will need to talk with the daughter and they both can collaborate on how they can get her father to comply with doctor’s orders. The second is to educate patient S.Z. on the importance of eating right, taking prescribe medication, and the dangers of combing his medication with herbal medication. The third, is to speak with the doctor and inform the physician on the patient situation and all the information that the daughter has informed her on. The first two choices leave the doctor out of the equation. The best possible solution will be to speak with the doctor and let him know what is going on with the patient. The doctor will need to know everything that is going on with the patient in order for the doctor to give the patient adequate care. This solution will allow the doctor, the nurse, and the patient’s daughter to collaborate and set up a care plan for the patient.

“Collaboration is not just cooperation but it is the concerted effort of individuals and groups to attain a shared goal”(Ruth Ludwick & Mary Cipriano Silva, 2011). Collaboration requires a mutual understanding and respect among the healthcare team providing the care for the patient and having an open dialogue amongst the people involved. The doctor, the nurse, the daughter, and the patient will need to discuss how to care for the patient once discharged