Ethical Dilemmas In Police Work

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A noble cause is a "moral commitment to make the world a safer place” According to Caldero and Crank. Most police officers join police departments for nobal reasoning, to fight the good fight. This is all well and good however, this can lead to corruption. Example, Officer joins the force, he/she saw his friends or family or even self go through some sort of abuse, he/she has a soft spot for victims of these crimes, these types of situations anger the officer, he/she may not think ethically per department standards. The officer may even deviate from the law to follow their moral compass. He or she may view this as a top priority when in fact everything you do in police work should be viewed this way.

To view ethical challenges in law enforcement,
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Some arguments state deontological perspective lack a sense of individual accountability for them, In response, those opposed to the teleological framework will highlight that we can’t possibly direct what people do after they leave our control, but we can focus on making sure we do our jobs in a just manner. More importantly, they’ll emphasize the negative effects of the “do whatever it takes” attitude. An ethical dilemma is a situation in which the officer did not know what the right course of action was, for example an officer shows up to work intoxicated, his partner discovers this and is then faced with the dilemma, to either sweep it under the rug or tell his superior, his partner knows his buddy has been going through a rough spot at home, the problems just keep pulling up, alcohol is not the answer to solving problems although this is his choosing. The officer has a moral compass, although he knows this is wrong, he knows this is career ending, he may feel responsible for his fall, at the same time if the officer does not report this and it is discovered, it may compromise his integrity and be potentially career ending to him as well. What is the officer to do? It’s all dependent on the officer, we can say we would make the responsible choice but i feel alot of us that say things dont mean them, until we are placed into the conundrum ourselves we will not know what we will truly