Ethical Dilemmas In The Military

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Ethical Dilemma
Throughout everyday life, people solve ethical dilemmas without realizing what they are. Ethics are principles that one follows in their life which also affects the behavior of an individual. The concepts of ethics falls into many structures that exist within one's life, such as in the business industry, but also the government and the military. The structures of these complex systems continue to work very well due to them being based on a legal perspective of ethics. Ethics are apparent within many aspects of an individual's life, regardless of whether it's in the household, the workplace, or even the military.
Within the military, a chain of command is inculcated into the members of the service in order to avoid many problems. However,along with power, acts of abuse from the superior may potentially occur and ultimately instruct the subordinate to unfairly follow commands. With the ethical problem of following any order given, the importance of this dilemma is to comprehend that disrupting the superior and subordinate
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A society in which people understand their roles in a position and how to communicate to others well. However, due to the ethical dilemma present, it reflects upon society as well. Due to the chance of the superior abusing their rights of an officer, there are many rules in place which still can cause corrupt rulers in the military. This can be taken into account of society due to many of the crimes that deal with stealing from companies. Sometimes the thief is a member of the actual company who has a great head position within it, but ended up being greedy, just like the superior officer. Within society, if we let the thieves go with the money, then it would only feed their greed until they are ready to take more. This situation can also apply in the military if the superior officer is not punished for abusing his power above other