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Heroes and Their Ethical Behavior In some type of way all heroes posses similar qualities such as being courageous, humble,nice loving and brave.but Like normal people heroes too have flaws and characteristics that weaken them. Some of those weaknesses may include the need for love, fame, or wealth or even greed,.In Beowulf
The Iliad and an article about tour de france champion Lance
Armstrong,ethos pathos and logos will be used to show flaws in each one of these heros and will reveal whether or not the flaws these heros posses are unethical or not.
Ethos or the ethical appeal, means to convince an audience of the author’s credibility or character.An author would use ethos to show to his audience that he is a credible source and is worth listening to.
, towards the end of the story, Beowulf asks one of his men to bury him near his treasure and for him to have a huge memorial where people can stop by in remembrance of him. some may interpret beowulfs request as arrogance and greed, the author uses this to make the reader think on whether beowulf posses greed as one of his flaws or if he genuinely would like to just simply be remembered.
The Iliad also has the same sort of principle, while Achilles avenged the death of his best friend, Patroclus, he went against the actions of a true hero, Achilles wanted to find who killed his best friend . When he found Hector’s body,he disrespected his body and drove it around behind a chariot. He didn’t respect Hector’s body and

went against the morals a hero is suppose to posses. lastly, in the article of Lance Armstrong, it shows the proper use of ethos. In Armstrong’s earlier days, . He cheated his way through his career by taking steroids. However, he corrected his wrong doing by admitting to taking the performance enhancement drug. what he did was wrong at first, but he admitted to his faults and paid for his wrongdoings and Overall, ethos was strongly used in three of these contexts.
Pathos appeals to the readers’ emotions and feelings. In
Beowulf, when the monstrous
Grendel comes to King Hrothgar’s hall, Herot, and kills many innocent men a night, it appeals to the readers’ feelings. Towards the end of the story when Beowulf dies, the readers felt saddened at the news of hearing that such a man was dying. but,in
The Iliad
, readers were shocked and angered at the fact that Achilles was acting out with Hector's body and being disrespectful towards it instead of treating it with the respect. finally, in Lance Armstrong’s story , readers were shocked and saddened that Armstrong was fighting cancer. They probably also might have looked up to him because of his positive attitude towards life even though he was going through a tough time in his life, overall, pathos is used by appealing to the many emotions of readers. logos or the appeal to logic, means to convince an audience by use of logic or reason and also gaining the readers trust. In Beowulf, . While Beowulf was heroic most of the times, he did partly loose the trust of his readers by making them